Tuesday, July 19, 2011

june bug

1 of 4 caterpillars I saved from the car wash ..........

I wasn't with my kids when I took them home and freed them in our garden but later told them the story, they were quite proud

great moment spotted by my daughter

leaf feather

love more and ............

from soulbird

this photo makes me miss mexico

Saturday, July 16, 2011

more of my prized ebay purchases..

painted outdoor canvas umbrella, canvas folding chairs

tree face bird feeder purchased on ebay

my indian mirrored umbrella purchased on ebay shipped from India

the curator of cool and sexy

the author of one of my favorite blogs Justin R Saunders


Friends take adventures with you, and smile with you, and cry with you, and make you better. Girlfriends don't let you stay in bad relationships and they make you feel great about yourself.
I found this on oraclefox and it reminded me on how much i value my gypsy, warrior, pirates

don't complicate things