Thursday, June 30, 2011

my dad gave me this record when I was 15

that bullet proof vest looks real heavy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

gorgeous hues only nature can perfect

thinking of a friend in L.A.


if I still lived in England I would have this car but since I live in Brooklyn.......I don't

I pulled over to read a text my sister sent me saying someone was a "hot mess" and I look to my immediate left and.......

the flowers my kids picked out as a gift

therapy dollars needed

always pour yourself a glass when cooking makes the food taste better because your energy is relaxed

Moroccan tiles

i had these great little containers filled with sand with sand from beaches the kids and I went to but it fell and we lost all but 1

a photo for my favorite family of 3

old man with balloons tied to the back of his bike

the RECORD player at my favorite coffee shop

my favorite earrings

some of my most favorite things

how many hand prints are on your heart?

New York is like the best relationship, it gets on your nerves at times but then you have moments even after 15 years when you fall in love again

smiles and sarcasm

I am certain my driver in Alaska thought "stupid New Yorker" when I asked if this animal was still living today (or PreHistoric)

night camping

I love chipmunks!!

I saw a Porsche Panamera but my computer doesn't want to upload the picture. Me oh my! That is one gorgeous car!

integrity, manners, morals, loyalty and privacy are sexy attributes

Monday, June 27, 2011

my found nest and wing collection

i love my friends, dancing away, radiating...

oh the many uses of tape

teaching the babies

my co-pilot today liked the sign

our beach shelter 6/27/11

sand in the eye in the foreground and topless in the background

i love this beach

leaving the beach and reading the graffiti along the path

Thank goodness my heart hasn't felt like this in YEARS